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A Credit Management Platform

Introducing a new way to track, manage, and build your Credit.
Improve your Credit-Worthiness and Financial Health.

Your Financial
Wellness Solution

Introducing a new way to manage your financial well-being.
Build your Credit-Worthiness and take control of your finances.

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Financial Well-being is our core mission

Financial well-being is our core mission

Most people don't realise how important a credit score is to their financial health. A low or bad credit score can hurt you a lot. We are making it easy for everyone to build a credit worthy lifestyle.

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One price per month for all your credit management needs.


One Platform for your financial well-being
$59.99/- per month
  • Credit Reports from all 3 Bureaus
  • Track your Auto Score and Insurance Score
  • Score Builder & Booster Tools
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
  • Online Privacy Manager
  • Debt Management and Financial Planning
  • 'Actions' feature for merchant disputes/goodwill removal
  • Track your Score

Additional Features

  • Access to DisputeGuru - AI based Credit Repair Assistant
  • Analyze your reports every month for errors
  • Review/Print unlimited Dispute letters every month.
  • Credit Monitoring Alerts


Looking to help your employees improve their financial well being
Contact us now for more information on how we can empower your employees with improved Credit Worthiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CredKin's mission?

CredKin is built by Immigrant Founders who understand the complexities around credit management. Our mission is to help all Americans get fair access to financial services. Poor Credit depletes the wages of hard-working Americans. Many of us are forced to borrow from predatory 3rd party alternatives with astronomically high cost of funds. Our mission is to change the "status quo" for a more financially inclusive America.

What services do you offer?

Our Credit Monitoring service is comprehensive and allows you to understand your credit score and its multiple variables. We just don't provide you with a credit score, we will also provide you with detailed analysis around credit management.

How can I connect my CredKin Monitoring Account with DisputeGuru Account?

Connecting CredKin Monitoring Account to DisputeGuru account is very easy, free and consists of 7 easy steps. Click "here" to see written steps for connecting accounts or you can watch video tutorial by clicking "here".

Are you a Credit Repair Specialist?

No. CredKin is not a Credit Repair Company. We are a software company that provides you with all the tools that can help you make the process of Credit Management faster, smoother, and more efficient.

How will your Credit Management Platform help me?

Connecting CredKin Monitoring Account to DisputeGuru account is very easy, free and consists of 7 easy steps. Click "

I need help. Can you guys help me get set up on your software?

Yes we can. Click here for our managed services.
We're committed to providing you with the best possible customer service.
For Questions email us at support@credkin.com or Call/text us: (855) 955-4180
Available: Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm CT
By texting CredKin, you agree to receive text messages from us to respond to your queries

Yes. For a one-time setup fee of $99, a CredKin Specialist can on-board you on our software. You can email us at cs@credkin.com for more info.