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About Us

CredKin was founded by Immigrant Entrepreneurs who understand the complexity around Credit in America. Frankly, many Americans don’t have sufficient information available around Credit Scores and their significance. Let’s face it. Understanding the Financial ecosystem in USA is hard. Understanding Credit is even harder.
It is a known fact that a low credit score can lead to higher financials costs. For example, a consumer with a credit score of 580 is likely to pay higher interest rates vs. a consumer with a credit score of 750+. Some Americans even have to turn over to more predatory alternative lending options which is even worse for their financial situation.
We want to make it faster, smoother, and easier for everyone to manage their finance and build their credit worthiness.. Build your score and save money while getting access to more financial products and services.

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Yes. For a one-time setup fee of $99, a CredKin Specialist can on-board you on our software. You can email us at cs@credkin.com for more info.