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About Us

As Immigrant Founders, we launched CredKin based on our own experiences & challenges when we moved to the US. Our vision is to help our immigrant community members achieve their American Dream.


Did you know that there are more than 40 million Immigrants in America & their economic value is estimated to be greater than a trillion dollars. Yet, many from our community don’t have access to basic financial services and end up making use of alternatives that are expensive and non-inclusive. 


We see 2 key challenges for an immigrant where we can help: 


Supporting your family back home: According to the Word Bank, the cost of sending money back home to help families is significant. For some regional corridors, it is as high as 17% (i.e. 17% of the total funds being sent home by an immigrant are paid out in fees). With CredKin, we are removing these barriers in terms of costs and complexity. 


Financially Inclusive: By providing immigrants with access to banking services, we are providing them with more opportunities to build a prosperous future in the US. 


Taking care of family back home and getting access to financial services in the US are critical to achieving the American dream and we will make it happen for our community members.

Investors are Global Venture Capital Funds including: