What is CredKin?

CredKin is a US-basedTechnology company working with financial institutions in USA to bring you access to financial services.


What are CredKin’s Products?

CredKin provides our users with access to Debit Card which will help you build your credit score in the US. Just sign up for our product and you will start building your credit score immediately. We back your debit card with a line of credit and report your scores to credit agencies. Best of all, you can get supplementary cards for your family members too. So everytime they use it locally or abroad, it helps improve your credit score in the US.


Are there any fees for using CreditKin’s Debit card out of US? 

No. Local Merchants or 3rd party banks may charge a fee.


How can I contact CredKin? 

You can reach out to us at support@credkin.com. Please add as much info as possible along with your contact information so our team can respond accordingly.


How do I pay for my Subscription? 

You can pay your subscription fees via the App.


Can I transfer money to international accounts? 

Yes. You can send funds outside the US through Swift transfers.


Can I receive money from international accounts? 

Yes. You can receive funds from international accounts using swift transfers.


Who can use CredKin?

US Nationals and Green Card holders can use CredKin. Additionally, Temporary residents and International students can also apply.