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Making Credit Management Easy

Get an insightful understanding of credit reports, credit scores, and how to use AI tools for dispute management? This can save you thousands of dollars.

Why are so many of us confused about Credit Scores? It is a black box for many of us. However, it’s time for unboxing.

Webinar Agenda:
Making it easy to understand credit scores and fixing errors.

Time of Webinar:
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Millions of people are unaware they have errors on their credit reports. As experts in the field, we can point you in the direction of finding out if you are one of them and equip you with DIY tools to take action to get inaccuracies corrected.

Who Should Attend?
• If you are always confused by your score going up and down
• If you plan to review your reports and see if there are errors to fix
• If you want to take control of your credit and start managing it yourself

What You Will Learn:
• What impacts your credit report and credit score
• Why credit is important
• How to use CredKin’s AI Tool to restore/build credit
• How to protect your online identity and stop data brokers from selling your information
• How to file disputes with bureaus

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Yes. For a one-time setup fee of $99, a CredKin Specialist can on-board you on our software. You can email us at cs@credkin.com for more info.