CredKin Card

Bank Account
with Debit Card

Bank Account with Global Family Sharing
Join for one low monthly fee

Checking Account by Evolve Bank
even with no SSN

Visa Debit Card & Two supplementary
cards for global family sharing

No Overdraft

Access to MoneyPass
ATM Network

In App Check Deposit.

Direct Deposit

ATM Deposits
(coming soon)

No hidden fees

Credit building
Payment Card

Build Credit Score with CredKin Debit
Membership with one low monthly fee

A debit card that increases your
credit score when you use it for your day
to day purchases/bill pay​ments

Two supplementary cards
for global family sharing​

Build your credit every time your family uses these supplementary cards

No hidden fees

How CredKin helps Immigrants to
build Credit

  • How can a Debit Card build my credit score? CredKin pays off the merch at the transaction time and afterwards deducts the amount from your connected checking account. Each transaction is reported to credit bureaus.
  • Why is it important to Build Credit in the USA? Building credit makes you eligible for auto loans, lines of credit and other financial products. When you reach a good Credit Score you get access to low-interest rate on a mortgage, personal loan or credit card, and wind up paying more during the term of your loan.